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Whole Body Plethysmographs

EMMS whole body chambers are designed differently. We asked scientists and laboratory technicians what they thought would best facilitate their experiments, and then incorporated those ideas into our designs.


  • Top loaded to decrease loading time and reduce stress to the animal
  • Chamber can be configured for IV administration and blood pressure monitoring
  • Push-pull system provides unmatched stability in temperature and humidity
  • Easily upgraded for aerosol administration
  • Top mounted transducer decreases likelihood of disturbance through bumping
  • EMMS Infusion Swivel Guard prevents subject from damaging tether

PLY 310 For Mouse

PLY 310 For Mouse

PLY 320 With IV Infusion lid

PLY 320 For Rat

PLY 330 for Guinea pig

PLY 330 For Guinea Pig without Infusion Tower

PLY 330 for Guinea Pig with IV infusion Lid

PLY 330 For Guinea Pig with Infusion Tower


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