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Head-Out Plethysmographs

Head-out plethysmographs are used in a variety of applications; non-invasive airway mechanics, inhalation dosimetry, and telemetered resistance are just a few. The critical aspect of these experiments is reducing the stress induced on the subject by restraint. We have designed our chambers to load quickly and hold the subject securely to reduce the stress involved. This allows for more accurate and reliable readings and reduces overall experiment time.


  • Quick loading plunger restraint method
  • Chamber can be used on its own or in an inhalation system
  • Different gauge nose cones allow chambers to be used with a variety of towers

PLY 210

PLY 212 For Mouse

PLY 220

PLY 222 For Rat

PLY 220 L

PLY 222 L For Large Rat

EMMS Head Out Plethysmograph with nose cone removed

PLY 222 L With Nose Cone Removed


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